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Danielle Brunnock

Hi, my name is Danielle Brunnock, I'm an individual counsellor, a couple therapist and a sex therapist.  I have been working in this field for over 20 years. I started my training, working for the NHS as a sex-therapist and I worked in the NHS  for over 7 years. I then worked privately for a number of years and for the last nine years I worked for Relate as a sex therapist; couple counsellor and trainer.  I have had a varied career working with teenage parents, getting them back into education; employment and training. I also worked for Portsmouth City Council as the Teenage Pregnancy Co-ordinator and Sexual Commissioner, writing the Sexual Health Strategy for the authority. I have also helped develop projects to promote sexual education for those most at risk of teenage pregnancy. I worked closely with the National PSHE Association developing pilot schemes of works for schools. I have also supported children and young people as an advocate who has witnessed domestic abuse. Most recently, I have worked for a charity working in the area of sexual abuse in Worcestershire.



I came into this work because I believe that all people whether they are in a relationship or not,  should be reaching their personal potential to be happy. When I was first studying relationships, I could not understand that if sex was supposed to be natural and easy why so many couple and individuals had problems. Over time, I've learnt that the complications are what makes relationships strain; almost break and come back together. It all about balance, whether the issues are around life; relationships or sex, we all need to find our balance.


I have heard, pretty much everything in the therapy sessions and after all these years and I'm still intrigued by people's problems. I really enjoy getting talking and working with both individuals and couples. Getting them back to where they want to be in a happy and healthy relationship and keeping families together.

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