Therapy and counselling which is tailored for you as an individual or couple to meet

your needs and go at your pace.

We offer Individual's and Couple Counselling

in areas of:

- Relationship Issues

- Affairs (online and real)

-Self Esteem

_Confidence Building



- Trust issues

- Second families

- Arguing and not getting along

- Coping with decisions around separation and divorce

Psycho-sexual Therapy in areas of:

- Mismatched Libidos (sex drive)

- Vaginismus

- Anorgasmia (no orgasm)

- Retarded Ejaculation (too slow)

- Premature Ejaculation (too fast)

- Erectile Dysfunction

- Kink

- Non consummated relationships

- Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

- Addiction issues (pornography; cybersex; chatrooms and sexting)

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